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Stormwater Erosion & Footing Performance

Advice on identifying the causes of movement in the foundation soil

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Building Technology File

For further information on foundation maintenance the CSIRO has published the following guide for home owners - Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance: A Homeowner's Guide. This guide provides advice to homeowners on identifying the causes of movement in a building and related problems in the foundation soil.

If you think the integrity of your home is affected by erosion and settlement, call Building Help to arrange an inspection and get expert advice.

To find out more about our Inspection Services, visit the Building Help Inspection Services page.

A recent Building Help inspection identified an unconnected down pipe to the stormwater drainage system. Unconnected downpipes and pooling water can cause erosion of foundation soil supporting footings. If left undetected and/or unfixed over a period of time, erosion of supporting foundation material can cause footing/ building movement (sinking or settlement), building cracks, and in severe cases structural failure.

movement in the foundation soil
movement in the foundation soil
movement in the foundation soil