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Today, buyers and sellers of properties rightly demand outstanding service and expect that service to be completed efficiently and on time. Buildinghelp inspectors are fully licensed builders, and our reports are completed in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.

Value for money is delivered through our convenient and cost effective inspection services and professional, easy to understand reports.

high value services:

0 pre-listing inspections & reports   Practical advice to help optimise the sale more

pre-listing inspection and report

Want to ensure you get the best price for your property and avoid problems during the sale process like sales falling through?

A Pre-listing Inspection will identify issues that exist in your property and allow you time to deal with them before the property goes to sale.

Our consultant will provide you with a detailed Pre-listing Report which will identify any issues with the property together with helpful tips that will improve your chance of sale for the best possible price.

All of our inspections and reports are provided in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4349 and our consultants are fully qualified and insured for your protection.

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0 pre-purchase & timber pest   help to identify any significant defects and the overall property condition that may contribute to costly repairsread more

pre-purchase & timber pest inspection and report

Are you buying a new property? Do you live in an area prone to termite or other timber pest attack?  

Timber pest inspections should occur prior to the purchase of a new property and on  a regular basis for existing properties.

The Building help Timber pest inspection and report is focused on identifying present or past activity of timber pests and also conditions conducive to timber pests. 

Want to give yourself the best chance of avoiding buying a lemon?

Foundation problems, leaks and rising damp are just a few of the common problems in existing buildings which have the potential to cost significant amounts of money to rectify. 

Call Building Help and book a Pre-purchase inspection.

A Pre-purchase Inspection will identify significant problems with the building and the Pre-purchase Inspection Report will provide you with a clear picture of the general condition of the property.

 Building Help Inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007 and our consultants are fully qualified and insured for your protection.

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0 pre-emptive pre-purchase   practical advice to ensure a successful property more

pre-emptive pre-purchase property inspections and reports

a helpful sales tool to identify and rectify issues before potential purchasers are alarmed or withdraw from the sale.

practical advice to ensure a successful property settlement.

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0 other services for real estate agents   additional high value servicesread more

other services we offer real estate agents

strata schemes property inspections & reports

individual lot property, common property and other strata investigations. 

rental property inspections & reports

expert witness reports in relation to time, cost, quantum, quality and entitlement.

defect property inspections & reports

help identify, record and estimate the cost to rectify building defects.

progress property inspections & reports

providing inspections and reports relating to time, cost and quality outcomes for all stakeholders involved in the project. 

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